Friendship: It’s All About How You Season It

Three nights ago I got to thinking about my FRIENDS… you know, at 12:52 AM MST on a Tuesday (WHO DO I THINK I AM???), and how moving three states away (or in some cases, 8/10 states – shout out to my East Coast crew), makes it a little harder to stay in touch. I realize that might sound completely ridiculous with the obscene amounts of social media that are ever present in today’s society, but you know, people start dating, mating, working, moving, snowboarding, traveling, etc. Bottom line, people get BUSY with life. Understood. It happens.

Despite the hustle and bustle of life, every now and then everyone has that friend that needs to be taken care of. They might need a little special treatment, a little extra TLC, or just some good old fashioned QT (quality time, duh). If you’re me and my friends, maybe that means you just lay in bed together, make really inappropriate faces (and when I say inappropriate, I mean inappropriate for the general public, because nobody should see that shit), take 50 plus pictures of said faces and save those photos for personal use (sorry, that is between us and God). And sorry we’re not sorry.

Now, I hate to break it to you, but at some point in your life – YOU HAVE BEEN THIS FRIEND. Hell, I HAVE BEEN THIS FRIEND. The friend that needs just a little extra reassurance that everything IS going to be OK; that the awkward run-in with the ex or big mistake at work will blow over, and that this too, shall pass.

What it’s Like to be a 20-Something

Sometimes this extra reassurance might require you to take substantial forms of action:

You might have to listen to a sob story for 2 hours, physically mediate a cat fight or play wingwoman/ wingman (Please Note: if your friends are anything like mine, this usually involves heavy alcohol consumption or staying out until 2 AM on a random weekday). Yes, sometimes it’s just YOUR TURN to be the caretaker. Or, in some severe cases, you may have resort sedation, in order to prevent harm from others (Please Note: this usually involves heavy alcohol consumption and will most likely backfire).

Basically, what I’m trying to stay here is that friendship sometimes takes a little bit of GRACE. Sometimes you have that friend that walks in the door and accidentally shatters a piece of your roommate’s new glassware. Grace. Or the friend that slides off of her chair at the bar (later found on the bathroom floor with her pants around her ankles) after too many Irish Car Bombs at Donnelly’s (Yes, University of Iowa, you did that). GRACE. And, you know, the friend that slams a guy’s face into the concrete wall of Milio’s after he made the mistake of telling her that “It must suck to be you.” (Please Note: There is no need to worry; we fled the scene after we saw that his nose was bleeding and no police reports were filed) Grace.

How about THAT SAME FRIEND that also went mysteriously missing for an undetermined amount of time on her 21st birthday and was later found sleeping in the stall of the women’s bathroom… Had I not been blessed with grace, (and here, grace took the form of many, many ‘Sex on Beach’ drinks) I would not have crawled underneath the bathroom stall to shake her awake and return her to safety.


You’re going to screw up. Sometimes you’re caught in a bad mood and you think “SCREW GRACE. GRACE SUCKS. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS ANYWAY.” (Please note: If that’s the case you should probably invest in a good dictionary and go play with someone else’s puppy – because who can be in a bad mood around a puppy that is not actually your responsibility? Think about it.) And you just act like a really big jerk. Yes, that’s going to happen, because nobody has that much self-control ALL OF THE TIME. You might just be having a terrible, really awful, no good, horrible day, or maybe somebody’s nose hair clippings got stuck in your toothbrush – I DON’T KNOW. SHIT HAPPENS.


The good thing about friends is that – they realize that you’re not perfect, and they appreciate you more because of it. They know you’re not always going to be on time (ever). They also know that sometimes you get sporadic mood swings when you’re sleep deprived.

Whatever the case may be, they’re your friend for a reason. Whatever brought you together, has kept you together, and that is what is going to keep you moving forward in future times of hardship.

And that is something that I will never be too busy for.


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