Today We Are Ok.

In the spirit of the most recent holiday, I chose to write about Valentine’s Day.

It’s a love/hate relationship.

Every year on February 14th, cynics and die-hard romantics alike, crawl out of the woodwork and unleash. Whether you’re spewing harsh, bitter words or doilies and flowers – you are forced to acknowledge the day of the Valentine.

Facebook especially, tends to contract the Valentine flu and vomit everywhere.

Thank you Hallmark, for making all the single ladies and dudes really aware that they are without a significant other. I mean – I get it – Valentine’s Day can be a touchy subject for a lot of people.

However, this year on February 14th, 2013, I learned something new. I learned that some people really, REALLY, despise everything that the day is about. Hearts, flowers, EVERYTHING. Things got REAL hateful (even on Instagram – which is usually a happy place drenched in sepia tones). Now, I know that sometimes the thought of someone professing their love for all of the world to see might make you cringe in disgust and gag on one of those terrible-tasting candy hearts. Really, who actually likes those?

But honestly, you would think we were celebrating Hitler…

Now, to each your own. Do what you do, and stand strong in what you believe in.

For the record, I’m not looking to be showered in gifts, candy and rose petals with doves flying out of pink boxes, ETC. Hell naw.

Take me to a bar, buy me a Bloody…

(I mean, REAL TALK: I still like to be festive; thank you Jude for forever ingraining that into my soul), and bloodies are red and so are hearts – and despite the snowboarding, beer-drinking, boot-wearing, earth goddess that I am – I really do love hearts. And I even went as far as tattooing one on my foot, so Happy MoFo V-Day to you kiddo!)

…and CALL. IT. A. DAY.

Yes, a Bloody Mary.

This takes me back to a good ole’ V-Day, circa 2009.

With: My GiRLfRiEnDs.

At: PINT’S BAR. (Iowa City, IA)

Bloody Mary: 4 Kristin: 0

This could be the one and only Valentine’s Day that I remember from college. The whole 4 years in general are a bit blurry, now that I am two years out – but this particular day stood out in my mind. I think it’s because I was surrounded not by sadness and self-pity, but instead, by good friends, good vibes and good drinks (red-colored only, obvi). We were probably just really excited to find a reason to celebrate mid-week. And it was THEMED? We were in heaven.

In case you were wondering, yes I did start the “We Must Only Drink Bloodies (and any red-colored shot) Because They Are Red and it’s Valentine’s Day” theme.

And if you weren’t wondering, SORRY (I’m NOT SORRY), I just told you anyway.

So yes, we probably got intoxicated. And yes, somebody probably made-out with a random, but surprisingly hot, dude outside of Pint’s (she will remain nameless, as all reminiscent debauchery should be fully clothed in anonymity forever and always).

But that’s not really the point of this post.

You’re all – shut up Kristin and get to it already: 

The point of this post, as a very wise and great friend pointed out to me recently, is that: Today We Are All Ok.

Today, (despite the hundreds of dollars in student loans and bills that just went through our bank accounts) we might not be rolling around in riches – we might actually be broke as shit.

Today, we might be experiencing a bout of sadness because we’ve lost someone near and dear to us (Happy 19th Birthday Kara).

Today, we might be weighed down by he general 20-something pressures of society. Whether it’s career-related, marriage-related, money-related, or perhaps something as simple as not having a Valentine on February 14th – it might not feel as minute as we’d like it to feel. It might be taking over our lives or wracking our brains for days.

But guess what friends, TODAY. We are ok.

We will get there.

She finished by saying, “when we’re 30 – then we can yell at each other about it.” (Thank GOD I still have 5 years and 6 months to get my shit together, because she can give QUITE a tongue-lashing.)

And, if you really think about it, today is really all that matters, right? So, live in it. Go grab a drink with your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, mom/dad – ANYONE – and celebrate the other loves in your life. Hell, have your own version of Galentine’s Day! Hell, those are probably the most fun anyway.

Definition of a perfect Galentine’s Day

And, no matter what you do –  know that somebody, somewhere out there loves ya.



3 thoughts on “Today We Are Ok.

  1. I love reading your posts, so cleaver, and incredibly uplifting… I’ll be thirty in june… so you better recognize!

    1. Haha I’m so glad you like them! And haha don’t worry we will celebrate your Dirty Thirty Accordingly!! 🙂

  2. Kbaby you are fabulous and I love you.

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