I Put the ‘BEG’ in “New Beginnings”


To New Beginnings.

And to you, Denver, you blizzarding SOB.

As I sipped on my Argentinian Cab Sauv and thanked God for dry, red wine and warm slippers (since I was just starting to regain feeling in my feet, thanks to the unexpected trek home from work in 4 inches of snow/ suede flats. PLEASE NOTE: SUEDE IS NOT SNOW-PROOF), I also pondered the new establishments, openings and launches that have recently blossomed in my own life and of those close to me. I’ve encountered a lot of them this week, and ironically so have some of my most favorite gals and pals.

We’re all in this together right?

Now, these new-fangled commencements might not always arrive with sunshine and silly string – HELL NAW. Some of those closest to me (you know who you are) have learned this the hard way this week. Sometimes the beginning of a new chapter, ultimately SUCKS.

Oh Hello, Real Life.

It could be a birthday, a bad day, a new car, a new beau (or 2! Lucky you!) – perhaps your ‘main hang’ just ditched you over a petty tiff, or maybe you’re a badass that just got new job – HELL, it could be that you just got CANNED…

“Don’t say ‘Fired,’ you’re just transitioning…” – GIRLS

…And if that’s the case I recommend a bottle of champagne and a sushi dinner – you deserve it… or maybe you don’t.  Either way, after that I highly recommend FRUGALITY / clipping coupons in order to feed yourself for the next 2-3 weeks. Just a suggestion.

DO NOT be discouraged. Sometimes the most drastic changes are really blessings in disguise. Believe it or not my friends, I actually learned this the hard way:

After the wonder years (yep, you guessed it: college), I had been working downtown (Chicago) for about 11 months and ended up getting laid off due to the pristine economic downfall in 2010, otherwise known as the worst recession since the Great Depression. OH GOOD.

After about 2 weeks of poor hygiene, weight loss, weight gain and matted couch hair (yeah, I didn’t say it was pretty) Jude walked in (and this time she was dead serious): “ALRIGHT. TIME TO GET UP.”

And that was that (I mean it took a minute to wash off the crusty drool and comb through the knots, but I figured I’d fast forward through that part for your reading pleasure). I called up my BFF’s Uncle who managed a restaurant nearby, got myself a serving job, saved up all of the money I made there and BAM!

I moved to Denver.

And that’s it. The end.


Your boyfriend just dumped you (he was a douche anyway)…

The commercial you just wrote copy for, just got the ‘green light’ (green means GO) by Advil/Theraflu (bust out that champaaaaagne)…

You’re 3 interviews deep, and finally received word that you have officially obtained the JOB OF YOUR DREAMS (bust out that champaaaaagne)…

You’re lonely in a new city (don’t worry, smile a lot and you’ll make new friends)…

You’re awkwardly singing karaoke at an intimate apartment gathering (God help you)…

“After you realize how silly this is tonight, in the morning we can laugh about it over a bowl of crisps…” –GIRLS

Whether they feel good or bad at the time, these new beginnings (or awkward misfortunes) all have a purpose. They are the vibe that drives us, that keeps us pushing forward and plugging away towards the next best thing.

A couple of days ago a friend said to me, “Well, the Universe has spoken…”

Indeed, it has.

Sometimes we just need to take a deeper look. (HINT: That’s usually what friends are for)

I like to think (or, dream) that the beginning of my life in Denver looked like something straight out of a Sex and The City episode – minus the sex and any and all designer goods – oh yeah, and also subtract that little thing called MONEY.

So in reality it was: nothing like Sex & The City + an air mattress and a 14-year-old Jeep Cherokee.

Dear Friends that visited me during those first 3-4 months, please know that I appreciated your willingness to help me inflate (and re-inflate) the always-deflating air mattress that I called a bed during that time. Also, thank you Dad for the generous monetary 23rd birthday gift (otherwise known as the amazingly comfortable, slice of heaven that is my current bed).


I am in shape (I mean, if you count craft beer and Cabernet Sauvignon as your two main food groups), in style (I try to maintain a ‘boho-chic’ appearance, but might over-use Batiste dry shampoo), and out of money – but I am HERE!

I’m like that annoying, but oddly attractive guy in that State Farm commercial: CAN-I-GET-A-HOT-TUB?!

 Can I get a HOT TUB?!

No, but really, as long as you embrace whatever your new beginning may bring (and no – it might not always be an easy pill to swallow), you will make it on to the next day, the next month, the next chapter… Who knows, you might even surprise yourself.

Or better yet – YOUR PARENTS.

And that in and of itself, is rad as hell.




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