True Life: Oscar Parties are Always Essential

This past week flew by.

I barely had time for myself, but made sure that I was able to make time for myself anyway… even if that meant sleeping less…and more (thank you snooze button)… and binge eating cheese. Oopsie Poopsie.

Here is a sneak peek into a day in the life of… ME (last week).

True Life: Oscar Parties are Sometimes ALWAYS Essential

It started with the Oscars (last Sunday – I mean, I think it was last Sunday. How does that old saying go? Time flies by when you’re having fun…n’ shit) and ended with a wine hangover (this Sunday…or wait, every Sunday).

• I ended the weekend by eating half a bag of Dove milk chocolates and an obscene amount of cheese-dip (and artichoke dip) and washed it all down with a Belgian White and an IPA bowler (and maybe some wine) and called it a day! Well actually, my roommate and I called it an ‘Oscar Party’ … NO judgment.

• Started off the work week by spelling the word ‘gauge’ wrong in an email to upper level management (and got called out on it). Hello Monday.

• Blamed the full moon for neurotic, forgetful behavior – also known as my daily life. (It’s ok, another yogi told me so)

• Hot yoga, twice…I’m convinced that it cures all weekday woes. (Don’t believe me? Try it.)

• Ate 4 sandwiches on Wednesday. Ok, 4 halves, which equals 2 sandwiches total. But when you eat them sporadically throughout the course of a day, it feels like ALL you did that day was eat A LOT of sandwiches. (Don’t believe me? Try it.)

• Pondered my next meal.

• Contemplated sending a package.

• Procrastinated on sending said package.

• Looked at said package on my floor two days later… and 4 days after that – in other words, it hasn’t moved from its original spot.

• Ate pet rabbit for dinner and then took my best friend’s 19-year-old-brother’s virginity… JUST KIDDING!! (That happened in last week’s episode of GIRLS – SPOILER ALERT!!)

• Used a cookbook to elevate my TV (that is currently stationed on an old kitchen chair in my room), allowing me to casually watch DVDs from my most favorite place in the entire world (my bed, obvi).

• Went to a Passion Pit concert at the First Bank Center, in Broomfield, CO. Now, apparently, all of the 18-year-old frat boys and juvenile high school children had decided to go there too, because their sweaty, obnoxious dancing REALLY got in the way of me actually enjoying myself at this show (besides maybe 4 songs). All in all, this concert proved to me that I am, indeed, aging more rapidly than I could’ve ever imagined, BUT I still did have a great time with my friends before, during and after the show. All smiles 🙂 BRING ON 25………………, wait…don’t.

As I was thinking about the past week, I thought about how what you DO, in a day, week or month can change your life dramatically. Even the little things, those that we think least about, can heavily impact an outcome.

How often do you think about what shapes your life?

Family. Friends. Music. Yoga. Spontaneity. Travel.

These are just a few, of the many things that have shaped mine. I wouldn’t be where I am today, had I not been influenced by any of those listed above.

So, think about it friends… Cherish the people, moments and melodies that move you.

And remember to indulge from time to time – Throw an Oscar Party, a Foam Party, or just a regular Party Party. Or maybe you just want SILENCE. DEAD. SILENCE. If that’s the case… rage that silence motha!

So either way, I hope you MAKE time to let loose this week… And, in the mean time, enjoy these rad pics by my dear friend, Rachel Smith:

*Passion Pit, at First Bank Center, Broomfield, CO 3/1/2013







1 thought on “True Life: Oscar Parties are Always Essential

  1. This post rocks, b/c I was a glass case of emotion reading it. I laughed, my jaw dropped, my eyes widened, I laughed, I smiled, I guffawed, I got nervous, I related, and I giggled some more.

    Kristen Furjanic – you are youer than you 🙂

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