Hide and Go Seek

Where’s Kristin???


Yes. I know. You probably thought I fell into a black hole…or that I got caught in the midst of a really serious burrito-eating contest and perished (CLOSE, but no).

I am OK. I am alive.

And yes, after a 2 month hiatus – I am BACK AND BLOGGING BABY!!! And it feels OH SO GOOD. Now, I know it’s poor blogging form to, well, STOP blogging…but you see, I wasn’t just busy NOT blogging…You’re all: “Well Kristin, what in the NAME OF ZEUS’ BEARD were you doing then?”


Let me explain.

Here are just a few of the many things I have done over the past 2 months:

-Survived a break-up.


-Gained weight, lost weight and gained it again (standard break-up procedures).

-Ate various forms of Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 – quite possibly 4 – days in a row (let’s be honest, it’s all a blur).

-Took a break from Mexican food (or…tried…really hard.) and pizza (once again, an ongoing trial and error process – SORRY I’M FROM CHICAGO ALRIGHT?)

-Worried about my Dad as he underwent shoulder surgery (don’t worry, he is as good as new and currently on the mend!)

-Got an awesome bookshelf for FREE.99 (thanks Eileen!)

-Felt really thankful for all of my amazing friends in Denver and beyond. Thank you for putting a smile on my face through those rocky times – you guys kick major A.

-Hurt my shoulder, rotator cuff or some unknown ligament (speaking of ROCKY) somewhere in between snowboarding Blue Sky Basin in Vail, CO and/or repeating the Chaturanga pose too many times in a hot yoga class.


-Whined about said shoulder injury

-Made a doctor appointment (after my parents told me to kindly SHUT UP, in less aggressive verb-age – Jude isn’t exactly a big fan of  ‘shut up’ )

– BOOKED A FLIGHT TO NYC (and soon, a bus to DC) to go visit my best friends since age 5 (yeah, IT’S KIND OF A BIG DEAL) over the 4th of July Holiday. Needless to say, it shall be a trip of epic proportion (I was legitimately shaking while booking this flight).

-Kindly reminded my little brother of his IMPENDING DOOM (otherwise known as college graduation) that is rapidly approaching (i.e. this weekend), which naturally only ended up reminding myself that I AM OLD???????? WHAT?

Side Note: My brother’s response to my kind reminders went a little something like this (per his Facebook page)…

“Yeah thanks sis. I really love your timed updates on when I’m leaving college. You suck.”

I mean… I’m just performing my (OLDer) sisterly duties to the best of my ability, as far as I’m concerned…Right?

-Was ‘over-served’ (or whatever witty word you’d like to insert there that could potentially make ‘intoxicated’ sound prettier) at the Blake Street Vault (Friends in Denver: GO THERE NOW, you will obviously have a really great time) and ended up leaving my debit card at the bar for the FIRST TIME IN FURJ HISTORY. That’s no joke…I’m actually DEAD SERIOUS. I also may or may not have flirted with the bartender WHO HAD AN ACTUAL IRISH BROGUE? IN DENVER? WHAT? (Deal with it.)

-Panicked about losing said debit card.

-Attempted (3 times) to RETRIEVE said debit card.

-FINALLY (after a curt email to the manager explaining how they had the INCORRECT hours of business listed on their window, that led to the multiple attempts/arriving at all of the wrong times/Kristin throwing a silent hissy fit in broad daylight – that maybe NOW would be a good time to get those updated & their mailbox emptied, so that I might be able to leave angry messages about the multiple attempts it took to get my debit card. HMMMM. Just a thought.) OBTAINED my gorgeous tie-dye debit card. (judge me)



Just kidding…You can’t get rid of me that easily, c’mon now!!! 😉

BUT. I think that our good ole’ friend Ferris (Bueller, that is) could possibly shed the perfect amount of  light on the situation, with just one, short, intimate bedroom scene:

Nailed it! YOU GO GLEN CO CO …errrr – Ferris!

I think I just needed a minute, to stop. Rest. Meditate. Process some things through. And I’m pretty sure that’s what the point of this blog is. Right? And now that I have recollected myself (sort-of, because I believe I’m still in the midst of that  process, but really – who isn’t?), I greatly appreciate your willingness to accept me back!

Because I am back – back from the ‘hiatus’. Back to writing blogs, and drinking wine (although…I never really stopped that…soooo…this is awkward), and sleeping in on Saturdays (you see, it’s now the Ski Season’s turn to take a small hiatus – or so I thought – until it started blizzarding today. DENVER 1, KRISTIN 0).

Either way – I got to thinking about how getting into the habit of writing is very similar to yoga, in that it is a PRACTICE. A FLOW of sorts. Sometimes you need those off days to rest – your body, mind & spirit. On other days? You’ll be right there in full force! Yes, sometimes you’ll need a little more encouragement to pick up that pen (a special thank you to those who encouraged this particular practice in my life; you know who you are) and/or crawl onto that mat. But the best part of a practice is knowing that eventually, no matter how long it has been – you will always come back.

And now I know that I will always find my way back to writing (and the mat).

Back to myself.

Back home.

I encourage you to take a minute for YOU.

Self-reflect, see what happens.

Slow down and soak in all of the good around you (because even when things get cloudy, you’ll still be able to pin-point the good).

Cancel your plans.

Hell, maybe indulge in a one-on-one with an IPA (Colorado brewed, of course).

If I can wade through it all, I know you can too.

P.S.: T-minus 3 Days until Luke graduates from college.


2 thoughts on “Hide and Go Seek

  1. Donna Niksich May 7, 2013 — 6:14 am

    The most awesome getting back from hiatus blog ever Kristen Marie Furj! Love it. Keep on writing. And keep drinkin’ that wine. I will see you very soon for those brews and such in Denver! As long as it doesn’t snow when I’m there, I’ll be a happy camper. Ferris tells me life is too short and I should live a little.

  2. sportsbranews May 10, 2013 — 5:23 pm

    Kristin! I love you, and it’s totally true – sometimes you just need a break. Good to have you back, sista.

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